The ToneZone is a completely new way of interacting with digital images to control input tone levels and brightness and contrast. The two cursors control the position and size of the ToneZone rectangle. This rectangle specifies the input tone range (note the green indicator lines on the input tone bar and the histogram line up with the sides of the ToneZone rectangle) and the output tone range (note the green indicator lines on the vertical output tone bar line up with the top and bottom of the ToneZone rectangle).
By moving and sizing the rectangle the symTone user is simultaneously manipulating the input tone range (usually called the ‘Levels’ tool) and brightness and contrast. However, with the ToneZone, there is no switching between these tools and no guessing about how they interact with each other. The symTone user can simply move the rectangle around until the picture looks good.
Experts, of course, can make use of the histogram to limit the input tones to the salient tones in the image.
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